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Nineteenth-Century Data Collective

The Nineteenth-Century Data Collective peer-reviews and houses literary or cultural data, circa 1800-1900, on an open-access website.

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Not simply a static repository, the Nineteenth-Century Data Collective hopes to increase discoverability for nineteenth-century datasets, share teaching resources, and most importantly, take data creation seriously as an intellectual enterprise. Springing from the work of the Victorian Data Caucus and inspired by the work of Post45 Data Collective, founding editors Meredith Martin and Megan Ward aim to shift the conversation toward data work as interpretive labor. Working with data now, as in the nineteenth century, is intellectual work in its own right.

Submitting a dataset to the Data Collective does not mean that you cannot continue to host your data elsewhere, but it does mean that we will make sure your dataset adheres to the highest standards of metadata and will be more widely accessible. We particularly encourage inquiries and submissions from early career researchers and graduate students. Each accepted submission will receive a DOI to mark it as a peer-reviewed publication. Please review the full criteria for more information about how we are expanding what data can and should mean for our field. Please contact us if you are interested in serving as a reviewer or have any questions.